Angie Durbin

Angie Durbin

Creative Manager

Angie Durbin brings over a decade of marketing experience in the Pro AV industry. With an entrepreneurial spirit and true passion for her job, she brings a great energy and very focused work ethic to the execution of Media Vision’s marketing projects and goals.

She works closely with the Director of Marketing to maintain Media Vision’s brand identity and coordinating marketing materials. With a wide variety of skills Angie is able to manage projects while utilizing her expertise in print design, video production, photography, tradeshow design, and marketing strategies..

Her unique career experience began as a lettering artist for Hallmark Cards in 1987 after attending the Kansas City Art Institute. From there she was recruited to other companies and then spring boarded into all aspects of marketing, design, and visual communication. With experience now in every setting including fortune 500 corporations, freelancing, and owning a design & web studio for 9 years, she is an experienced and versatile addition to our team.

After growing up in Missouri and then living in Cleveland and Colorado, Angie fell in in love with New York City after one visit and now resides in Manhattan. As an abstract artist she loves being part of the arts community, diversity, and big city creative culture.

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