Curtiss Singleton

Curtiss Singleton

Vice President of Sales - The Americas

Curtiss Singleton joined Media Vision in November of 2016 and brings 15+ years of executive leadership experience to the company. With a proven track record of sales and distribution management in the AV and IT arenas, Curtiss is best described as a "lead by example" manager. He has successfully built and managed sales teams that target the highest level of customer satisfaction while maintaining a keen focus on program development/implementation, channel development, end user customer recruitment, and competitive market analysis and research. 
At the early age of 15, Curtiss started his professional career as a radio DJ where his love of AV technology blossomed. On air in radio throughout high school in his Alabama home town, he eventually worked in larger markets from Montgomery, AL to Washington, DC. After a number of years in radio, Curtiss transitioned from behind the microphone to his first manufacturer sales role at Pioneer Electronics.  His career has included management roles at Revolabs, ClearOne, Polycom, and Panasonic.
Curtiss will focus on revenue growth and competitive market share at Media Vision. He will build upon channel partnerships and strategic alliances while also leading the development and implementation of new channel sales strategies, including growth planning and new markets development for the company. 
Curtiss and his wife live in Atlanta and have two children. Their daughter serves in the United States Navy, and their son is pursuing a degree in Sound Engineering. Curtiss is a part-time drummer and a full-time Alabama football fan. He enjoys everything about the outdoors, including hunting, fishing, hiking, boating, and golf.

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