Raphael Mastroianni

Raphael Mastroianni

Customer Support Manager

Raphael has a fairly diverse industry experience with 8 years in sales, marketing and customer relations. With consistent deliverables in customer satisfaction and retention, Raphael has exceeded sales goals while recruiting and developing top sales performers, trainers, and managers. Most recently at Kensington Research & Recovery as Sales and Marketing manager, he developed a sales teams that consistently exceeded annual sales quotas and successfully developed marketing strategies that increased inbound referrals.

Raphael is known as the ALS Guru at Media Vision, but his formal title is Customer Support Manager. True to the term “Guru”, he works with all aspects of the Assistive Listening System, Media Vision’s first branded product, from preparing quotes and generating leads to creating and fine-tuning ALS documents and tools, processing orders, conducting training, and addressing customer queries.

Born in Virginia, Raphael spent most of his adult life in Chicago where he moved on his own for college to study Commercial Photography, and build a successful career and loving family. Having developed a passion at a very young age, Raphael continues to look for opportunities to work with photography and videography in his spare time. Since college, Raphael has worked to successfully develop marketing strategies that increased referrals, tapped into new markets to generate business and exceed annual sales quotas while developing processes and procedures to improve efficiency and maximize productivity.

Raphael loves spending quality time with his family and friends. He also enjoys exploring the city and discovering beautiful architecture.

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