City of Folly Beach

City of Folly Beach

Folly Beach, SC, USA | Council Chambers

Type: Council Chambers

Features: Conference microphones with Built-in Voting, Audio Recording: Files Display Name of Meeting, Speaker and Date and Time, 

Products: TAIDEN HCS-4887D/20, TAIDEN HCS-4100MC/20

After the Council Chamber at the City of Folly beach in South Carolina was renovated, Media Vision was chosen to supply the Digital Conference and Electronic Voting system. Push-to-Talk delegate stations with detachable gooseneck microphones, built-in loudspeakers, LCD, and voting buttons were installed within the council chamber to provide the Mayor, the Council Members and the staff with an easy to use device for increasing intelligibility and capturing meeting data. Software installed at the Clerk’s PC will allow for creating, displaying and archiving agenda proposals and voting items. A module for audio recording was also included to make council chamber recordings easier for the clerk to manage.

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