#AudioMatters Expression Wall & Slam Poetry Contest

#AudioMatters Expression Wall & Slam Poetry Contest

As a leading provider of conference microphones, Media Vision is dedicated to improving audio intelligibility in all meeting environments; university lecture halls, corporate boardrooms, conference centers, council chambers.

Inspired by Julian Treasure’s TED Talk Why Architects Need to Use Their Ears, we developed a two-part campaign called #AudioMatters to spread the message that audio intelligibility should be the prime focus when designing a meeting environment. Because good communication can’t happen without good audio.

Campaign 1: #AudioMatters Expression Wall

Media Vision went old school for our appearance at InfoComm 2015. For three days, we turned one of the walls of our booth into a chalkboard with an innovative communication surface for attendees to tell us why audio matters.

With barely any space left to write on, our creative expression wall truly captured inspiration, displaying a total of 85 original contributions. At the end of every show day, Media Vision’s team voted for the most original and meaningful response. The winning contributor won two tickets to a music performance of their choice. 

AudioMatters Wall Contribution
AudioMatters Wall Contribution
AudioMatters Wall Contribution

From one-word responses – “What?” – to more elaborated ones – “Without audio, life as we know it would cease to exist. Audio makes the world go round. From music setting the mood to saying you care…we need it.” (Dina Delic, Full Sail University) – all contributions made us reflect on our technical and philosophical understanding of the value of audio in our professions and lives.

The angle was at times humorous – “Charades on VTC is difficult” (Ron DeVoe, TOTAL Marketing) –, at times personal – “Because my kids say I can’t hear anything” (Kelly Perkins, AVI Systems) –, factual – “Audio is the first letter in AV” (Kelly Kotwas, The World Bank), and most frequently connecting to passion: “Keeps my heart in the beat” (Connell Fulmore, Creative AV Services) or “Audio can be seen, heard, felt, it floods multiple senses” (Stacie Causey, Marion County, FL).

“Audio matters because it’s where emotion lives …” said David Leonard, Manager of Multimedia Services at The World Bank. “A videoconference without video is a teleconference. But a video conference without audio is a mime show! (Almost everybody hates mimes)” answered JD Mars, Owner of Sierra Sound Lab.

AudioMatters Wall Contribution

Following the show, a panel of evaluators selected the quotes that most powerfully conveyed why audio matters. Here were the three winners:

“The great enthusiasm and emotions shared by booth visitors is very rewarding for our team” said Patrick Herlihy, VP of Systems Solutions at Media Vision. “Every day, we speak about the importance of high quality, intelligible audio to facilitate accurate communication, particularly for videoconferencing. Seeing our clients truly connect with this message is wonderful. Audio Matters!”

  • InfoComm Day 1, Media Vision #AudioMatters Winner: “Hearing is believing; hearing well is understanding” from Gary Sage, Classroom Technology Solutions, Jacksonville, FL
  • InfoComm Day 2, Media Vision #AudioMatters Winner: “How can I help you, if I cannot hear what you need” from Ken Hickmott, Digital Age Technologies, Davison, MI 
  • InfoComm Day 3 Media Vision #AudioMatters Winner: “Video without audio is just pictures!” Chuck Kjergaard, Victory Church, Lakeland, FL
AudioMatters Wall Contributions

Campaign 2: #AudioMatters Slam Poetry Contest

For our second campaign, Media Vision found a cutting-edge way to spread the message that “audio matters”; the company’s spoken word poetry contest features four artists within the New York scene filmed expressing soulful insights on the value of audio in shaping human life and experience. At the end of the campaign, we invited viewers to vote on the best performance.

Jennifer Falù – Slam Poet

Tony Fearnone – Slam Poet

Steven Willis – Slam Poet

Nichole Acosta – Slam Poet

“We strive to find non-traditional ways to promote the message of audio intelligibility” says Annabelle Zabetian, President of Media Vision, “Not only are these art projects impactful for our industry, they are also a source of great inspiration for our internal team that reflect our dynamic and diverse company culture”.

AudioMatters Slam Poetry Competition
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