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Conferencing needs for city council chambers have changed. Tell us yours and we will custom-design a solution.

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City Council Chamber Solutions by Media Vision

Council meetings for state, special, and city governments traditionally need to implement speaking protocols, data collection, archiving, paperless document display, electronic voting, controlled speech reinforcement, and video tracking for streaming. We offer all-in-one solutions integrating all these capabilities.

City Council Chambers We’ve Worked On

Popular Solutions for City Council Chambers

Problems We Can Solve for Your City Council Chamber

Integrity of room aesthetic
We customize our conferencing and voting solutions for each chamber, and can adapt for different requirements and room configurations, giving particular attention to historic facilities.
Hybrid meeting capabilities
Hybrid city council meetings are seamless with our integrated video conferencing infrastructure, providing an equal experience for remote and on-site participants.
Custom design
Our industry-leading product engineers and involved in projects from the earliest stages of design. We know that no two boardrooms are the same.
Video tracking and screening
Automatic audio and video tracking both broadcasts and records sessions, making them easy for participants and members of the public to watch in real time or later.
Diplomacy Technology™
From controlled microphone activation to electronic voting, audio recording and archiving, agenda import, and paperless document display through all-in-one multimedia solutions.
Solutions built to last
All TAIDEN conference systems are covered by a 5-year manufacturer warranty, backed up by advanced replacement services that ensure little to no interruption for users.

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