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Conferencing needs for military situation rooms have changed. Tell us yours and we will custom-design a solution.

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Military Situation Rooms by Media Vision

Critical situations allow little time for decision making; that’s when intelligible audio comes in to facilitate quick and accurate communication. We offer a series of wired and wireless solutions that can be used in military situation rooms, as well as other military meeting facilities such as multipurpose rooms and boardrooms.

Military Situation Rooms We’ve Worked On

Popular Solutions for Military Situation Rooms

Problems We Can Solve for Your Military Situation Room

Ultra secure communication
Our wireless conferencing solution uses infrared technology. It is inherently secure and allows for communication wholly free from radio frequency interference.
Push-to-talk microphones
By operating our microphones in push-to-talk mode, the person speaking is in control of when to officially go on record. A light ring indicator indicates when the microphone is live.
Custom design
Our industry-leading product engineers and involved in projects from the earliest stages of design. We know that no two boardrooms are the same.
Solutions built to last
All TAIDEN conference systems are covered by a 5-year manufacturer warranty, backed up by advanced replacement services that ensure little to no interruption for users.
Immersive technology
Microphones with built-in multi-channel video monitoring display presentations in high definition in front of every participant in the situation room.
Flexible add-ons
Available as additional solutions are features such as secure room combining or dividing, electronic voting, language interpretation, and video tracking and screening.
Line of sight issues
All of our systems are fully immune to radio frequency interferences from smartphones or Wi-Fi networks, making line of sight obstacles a thing of the past.
Hybrid meeting capabilities
Hybrid boardroom meetings are seamless with our integrated video conferencing infrastructure, providing an equal experience for remote and on-site participants.

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