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Hybrid Conferences

These days, every meeting space needs to be equipped for the possibility of some participants joining in person while others dial in remotely. Our high-definition multimedia terminals and conference microphones include integrated third-party video conferencing platforms like Teams and Zoom, offering a superior, equal hybrid meeting experience for all participants.

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Problems We Can Solve for Your Hybrid Meeting Room

High definition image
All TAIDEN solutions allow HD video capture, processing, and display.
Advanced interface to connect with third-party cameras and video conferencing systems.
Custom design
Our industry-leading product engineers and involved in projects from the earliest stages of design. We know that no two boardrooms are the same.
Superior sound quality
Audio is at the heart of everything we do at Media Vision, and in a hybrid meeting setting, there’s nothing more important than a reliable, intelligible audio feed between participants.
Video capture and recording
Save recordings instantly to local or network storage.
Products built to last
All TAIDEN conference systems are covered by a 5-year manufacturer warranty, backed up by advanced replacement services that ensure little to no interruption for users.

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