TAIDEN HCS-1080 Series

TAIDEN HCS-1080 Series

The electronic nameplate – a TAIDEN breakthrough technology – helps identify attendees at meetings in a more elegant, efficient and cost-effective way than traditional printed or engraved nameplates. E Ink is an acclaimed non-glaring and low-consumption technology; content will remain on the screen even without power.

  • Versatile content display: text and/or drawings (logos), multiple lines
  • Real time: frequent changes to seating arrangements and names are handled seamlessly.
  • Ultrathin 16mm double or single-sided panel, 310mm x 60mm, wide viewing angle.
  • Wired in combination with a conference system or standalone wireless tabletop solution.
  • No light interference, ideal for photography and video / streaming.

The information to be displayed can be inputted on the nameplate locally via USB, wirelessly using Wi-Fi, or upon participant’s sign in with IC card if used with a conference system. Software is available to allow easy management and enable quick transitions, even while the meeting is in progress.

A versatile, user-friendly, and time-saving solution for conference managers that is suitable for both permanent installations and conference-style events.


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