Video Conferencing for Virtual Council Meetings

Video Conferencing for Virtual Council Meetings

Council management expertise brought online

Our cloud-based video conferencing solution with moderated request to speak and electronic voting allows continuity for organizations that require critical decision making. KUDO is a solution for managed remote council sessions for cities and towns, school districts and local administrations, for corporate board meetings, and for other essential web communication needs.

Participants and operators can join their council session from any smartphone, tablet or computer.

  • Feature-rich conference functionalities: electronic voting, screen sharing, document upload and archiving, live messaging, audio video recording
  • Electronic voting: parliamentary (yes, no, abstain) or multiple choice options, multiple report formats
  • Operator control: push-to-talk mic button, request-to-speak, moderator-managed queue, private chat room between operators
  • Quality control: echo cancellation, adjustable audio bitrate, adjustable video frame rate, intelligent audio fallback
  • User-friendly: web-based application, seamless webcam and headset integration
  • Compliant: WebRTC-enabled, GDPR compliant
  • Accessibility: sign language available
  • Comprehensive reporting functionalities


MV-KUDO-COUNCIL: KUDO Council Meetings - 1 Session
Videoconferencing with moderated discussions, request-to-speak, moderator-managed queue, electronic voting, voting results display and archiving, screen sharing and document upload, meeting recording, web and mobile support. Includes a certified operator for meeting setup and assistance with user management.



Brochure : MV-KUDO_Video_Conferencing_Virtual_Council_Meetings

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