Multilingual Video Conferencing

Multilingual Video Conferencing

The New Language of Global Meetings

Our cloud-based video conferencing solution with live language translation allows more effective meetings across geographic and language barriers. KUDO is a solution for remote participation at international events, for press conferences, user research in foreign markets, and for all daily web communication needs of global organizations.

Participants can join meetings and live conferences, using instant language switching, from any smartphone, tablet or computer. Speakers, attendees and even interpreters can be in the room or half a world across as the solution accommodates on-site and/or off-site interpreters.

  • Scalable: unlimited languages and thousands of participants
  • Feature-rich conference functionalities: simultaneous interpretation, instant polling, screen sharing, document upload and archiving, live messaging, multilingual recording
  • Human: high quality standards of professional conference interpreting
  • Quality control: echo cancellation, adjustable audio bitrate, adjustable video frame rate, intelligent audio fallback
  • Compliant: China-ready platform, WebRTC-enabled
  • Accessibility: sign language available, GDPR compliant
  • Comprehensive reporting functionalities

KUDO leads the way in designing global workplaces for inclusivity and diversity. As they overcome language barriers in global communication, users can have more meaningful and fluid conversations, enriched with cultural nuances. The solution places all international parts on the same level playing field when it comes to negotiating or sharing the full extent of their ideas and expertise.

Have you ever struggled to get through a meeting in a language you do not master? It doesn't have to be that way. Watch KUDO's video on how to make sense in any language:

Video - Meetings without language barriers


MV-KUDO-OD: KUDO Multilingual Web Meetings - On Demand Hours
Videoconferencing with multilingual support, unlimited languages, real time simultaneous interpretation, web and mobile support, screen sharing, polling/voting, chat and Q&A, document sharing and archiving.



Brochure : MV-KUDO_Multilingual_Video_Conferencing

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