TAIDEN HCS-4325/26/27 Series

TAIDEN HCS-4325/26/27 Series

With over 40 models of flush microphones to choose from – including a panel of technical capabilities, display screen options, various layouts, colors, and materials – TAIDEN offers the largest selection. For this modular unit, different components (microphone, voting buttons, channel selectors, etc.) are mounted on separate plates allowing flexible placement on furniture to meet architects and end users requirements. 

  • Panel option 1: detachable stem microphone or retractable handheld microphone.
  • Panel option 2: 5 voting buttons with or without contactless IC card sign-in, single or double 64 channels selector (1+ 63) with volume control.
  • Microphone sensitivity and EQ individually adjustable.

The unit is a popular choice for mounting in the armrest of chairs in auditoriums, to be shared between two seats. The channel selector could be used for interpretation or assistive listening. View case study


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