Transportation Authority

Transportation Authority

California | Council Chambers

Features: All-in-one audio and display solution, multiple rooms

Products: TAIDEN HCS-8335, TAIDEN HCS-8301M

The artfully renovated boardrooms at the Headquarters of this Transportation Authority in California have been outfitted with TAIDEN conference microphone systems supplied by Media Vision. The main boardroom used for public audiences has a multimedia conference system, while portable wired tabletop microphones are installed in an overflow room, upon need.

Meeting rooms with circular seating arrangement traditionally require the use of individual monitors for all participants to view the presentation content clearly. With a 10” display screen, the TAIDEN Video Delegate Unit offers a comfortable viewing angle to all members of this transportation board. This all-in-one solution with onboard microphone and speaker for local sound reinforcement, avoids technology clutter on the table.

Both rooms share a central main unit; they can be used as separate rooms at different times or combined into one large conference room with multimedia and standard microphones working as one system. In addition to using the software for microphone control, the meeting technician also has access to a TAIDEN digital mixer surface for quick and precise timbre and level adjustments.


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