City of Kingston

City of Kingston

Kingston, ON, Canada | Council Chambers

Features: Multimedia congress terminals, discussion microphones, paperless document viewing and sharing, electronic voting

Products: TAIDEN HCS-8318ADE, TAIDEN HCS-4338D, Software Modules: File Management, Video Service, Electronic Voting, Contactless IC Card, Audio Recording, Speech Prompt, CongressMatrix™

Council chambers environments are a perfect fit for the TAIDEN HCS-8300 Paperless Multimedia Congress system. Council members need quality microphones for clean audio intelligibility, screens to view the session’s agenda and proposals, as well as voting devices. The TAIDEN 8300 solution provided to the City of Kingston by Media Vision is all of the above, built-into one compact unit.

Incorporating a 10” touch screen display, the multimedia terminals give council members access to a unique set of features including: 10 channels of HD video, file server, MS Office document viewing, screen sharing or teleprompter. The units have built-in voting buttons and voting results can be displayed immediately on council members’ units and on audience screens.

This project features the older generation of multimedia terminals, new model is TAIDEN HCS-8368.


Integration partner: Solotech

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