Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians

Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians

Cherokee, NC, USA | Council Chambers

Features: Various Voting Weights for Each Member and voting results immediately displayed to the public,  Audio recording: Files Display Name of Meeting, Speaker and Date and Time

Products: TAIDEN HCS-4386D, TAIDEN HCS-4100MA

The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI) was in need of a complete Tribal Council House AV upgrade in order to support the people of the Cherokee nation with governance communication. EBCI audio video specialist selected the TAIDEN 4100 conference system, supported by Media Vision, as the best solution for audio reinforcement and voting. 

With every council meeting broadcasted on their government cable Channel 28, EBCI was in need of real-time voting feedback and the use of a traditional ‘Raising of the right hand’ vote was antiquated. With the TAIDEN system, the operator can display the name list and voting results as soon as the resolutions are voted on.

Simple operation, ease of setup, vote results display, speaker lists, chairman control over the proceedings, and affordability are all key TAIDEN components.

Read "The Tribe has Spoken", AV Technology, 2008 media case study

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