Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Brussels, Belgium | Conference Rooms

Features: All-in-one audio and display solution, simultaneous interpretation, flush mount channel selectors

Products: TAIDEN HCS-8335, TAIDEN HCS-4338, TAIDEN HCS-48U6 Series

The Belgium Ministry of Foreign Affairs, housed at the prestigious Egmont Palace in Brussels, has recently undertaken a technology upgrade for their multilingual conference room with the main objective to improve audio quality and deliver a versatile and flexible solution that is compatible with other IT systems in the facility.

The solution delivered by Media Vision includes advanced conference microphones with onboard video monitor for the head table, tabletop delegate microphones with dual 64-channel selectors for contributing members, as well as listen-only channel selectors flush-mounted at the audience's seats.

All TAIDEN solutions work seamlessly together and benefit from an industry-leading 5-year warranty. 

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