Lecture Theater at the University of British Columbia Equipped for Hybrid Learning

Lecture Theater at the University of British Columbia Equipped for Hybrid Learning

The University of British Columbia is a public research university located in western Canada, and is the oldest university in British Columbia. The Henry Angus lecture theatre is located in the Saunders School of Business. Timing for this project was challenged by the pandemic due to component shortages in the electronics industry worldwide. Working closely with the university to manage the situation, Media Vision was able to supply 160 temporary microphone units from their rental stock in order to ensure that the room could be used should the students be allowed back in the building.

Once the HCS-8315D array microphones were delivered and installed, they gave the unique ability to either be used by one student in a socially distanced seating configuration, or be shared by two students in a normal seating environment. The TAIDEN 8300 system also allows for eight assignable speaker zones and communication with 3rd party PTZ camera systems thus facilitating distance learning – especially when there was a need for a hybrid setup with some students physically in class and other joining remotely. The TAIDEN system easily interfaces to all existing web-based meeting platforms to ensure excellent audio quality both local and remote. These microphones also feature a rugged “student-proof” design that is a plus in these environments.

Project Highlights:

  • Array microphone – easily shared between two students or used during social distancing
  • Rugged “student-proof” design able to be fixed to the table
  • Easy interface to cloud-based meeting platforms and PTZ cameras for distance learning

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