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Buy-Back Program

It’s time to upgrade. Get $50 per microphone* 

Trade in any old or inefficient conferencing microphones - standard wired or wireless microphones, ceiling or boundary microphones - regardless of manufacturer and get $50 per microphone. 
* 40 € in Europe

4 Easy steps to trade in a microphone conferencing system

  1. Fill out the form and get a quote on a new conferencing microphone system
  2. Send us the old equipment for recycling
  3. Apply the credit - $50 per microphone you are trading in - toward a new purchase
  4. Enjoy the superior audio intelligibility of your new TAIDEN digital system

Register Now

Fill out this form to register your trade in with Media Vision. To be eligible, please send your form back to Media Vision by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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Recycling Program

The trade-in program protects the environment and helps to prevent conferencing equipment from entering landfills and dumps. Learn more by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or in the Q&A section.


Who is eligible?

Any individual or corporation that buys a new Media Vision digital conferencing system and wants to trade-in an eligible used microphone system.

How is the trade in value determined?

Very simple; $50 per microphone for a complete conferencing system including all the accessories; control main unit, cables, chargers and batteries.

What microphones will you accept?

Media Vision accepts all makes and models of microphones including wired and wireless microphones, ceiling microphones, table top or fixed microphones, boundary microphones.

How many microphones can be traded in at one time?

The quantity of the microphones are limited to the number of new microphone to be purchased from Media Vision. If you’re willing to trade in more microphones, fill out the request form and one our specialists will respond with a custom quote.

How do I get started?

Fill out the form to register your trade in with Media Vision. Upon completion, instructions for packaging and mailing the used microphone system will be sent to your email address. Note that you will be responsible for packaging and shipping cost of the used microphones.

How long will it take to get paid?

Once we receive the shipment, we will issue a payment to you for the corresponding value of your trade-in.

What happens with my used microphones once I ship them in?

Media Vision reconditions for resale or recycles all the microphones they receive during this program. Media Vision employs a zero-tolerance landfill policy ensuring all electronic waste is shredded and/or smelted in the U.S. to be repurposed in the creation of new material.

Could my microphones be resold overseas?

Yes, frequently overseas markets have a greater demand for previously owned conferencing systems. Media Vision will remarket only fully functional products to legitimate businesses overseas.

Does Media Vision ever donate items?

Yes, on occasion Media Vision donates products, but not to individuals. Some working products with a lower resale value are occasionally routed through Media Vision’s corporate relationships to needs-based services like non profits, schools and other educational institutions.

Do the trade-in values ever change?

Yes. The value could change if you decide to keep some parts of a complete working system. In cases of partial trade-in, fill out the request form and one of our specialists will review and respond with a custom quote.

Can I trade in more than one system?

Absolutely. In case you have multiple systems in your company, you can trade in each system individually. You will receive a separate credit for multiple trade-ins.


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