A Facilities Manager’s Guide to Using TAIDEN Microphones During the Pandemic

A Facilities Manager’s Guide to Using TAIDEN Microphones During the Pandemic

Media Vision’s new guide for facilities managers provides recommendations for microphone hygiene, as well as how to adjust your installation for social distancing. The following questions are addressed:

  • How should cleaning be done for TAIDEN conference microphones?
  • How to prevent contamination?
  • How to configure your meeting space to enable social distancing?
  • How to expand your microphone installation based on social distancing rules?

Microphone Hygiene Recommendations

  • How should you clean a TAIDEN microphone?

These methods are recommended when the equipment is used by different groups within less than 48 hours. Devices must be powered off prior to cleaning.

Ethyl alcohol sterilization

Ethyl Alcohol Sterilization

Use 75% ethyl alcohol wet wipes to gently clean all surface areas (including mic. foam windshield). Allow the device to dry before use. Caution: Do not dip or spray excessive quantities. Avoid the sound pick-up parts below the windshield. Repeated use may degrade the silk screen labeling and affect the lifespan of the metal shield of the microphone.

Washing sponge covers

Washing Sponge Covers

Headphone covers and sponge windshields on mic. stems may be removed (not available for all models) and hand-washed with water and neutral detergent. Soak the foam for 3-5 minutes, then gently rub and rinse with clean water. To dry, wrap in a dry cloth and gently squeeze, then let air dry. Caution: Avoid excessive exposure to direct sunlight when drying.

UVC Sterilization

UVC Sterilization

Use a UVC sterilizer with wavelength 200~280nm, radiant Intensity ≥_90μW, for 30-60min. Place all devices no further than 1.5m from the sterilizer. Caution: Do not use high temperature methods of sterilization.

  • How do you prevent contamination to a TAIDEN microphone?

These solutions are in addition to common recommendations such as proper handwashing and routine sterilization.

Protective film

Protective Film

Apply a thin plastic film over the microphone push-to-talk button and dispose after each use.

Windshield Replacement

Windshield Replacement

Media Vision supplies replacement windshields for TAIDEN stem microphone models with a lockable sponge windshield. *Ask us for item “Lockable Windshield_B”.

Disposable foam covers

Disposable Foam Covers

Apply a new disposable microphone foam cap prior to every use. An efficient and cost-effective solution that preserves microphone performance. *Ask us for item “MIC-CAP”.

Microphone Recommendations for Social Distancing

  • How do you expand your TAIDEN microphone installation based on social distancing rules?

Most countries recommend that people stay at least 6 feet apart (just under 2 meters).

Distancing with wired mics

Distancing With Wired Mics

With seating capacity cut in half you may need to add portable tables and chairs to supplement your space. If your installation allows it, you can extend the distance between your existing microphones with additional extension cables. For fixed installations, you can disable the units with no seated participant and add new units at the added positions.

Distancing with wireless mics

Distancing With Wireless Mics

Wireless microphones are easy to rearrange, but if you must move into a larger space and need help reconfiguring your infrared wireless coverage plan, we are here to help!

Room combining

Room Combining

TAIDEN delivers the ultimate flexibility with campus-wide asset sharing and long-distance room combining. Enabling room combining allows transmittal of floor audio, merging of data and voting capability, and meeting management settings. The technical configuration will differ depending on the number of rooms to be combined.

Video conferencing

Video Conferencing

All TAIDEN microphones are designed to ensure a superb quality of both near end and far end audio; they are routinely used for videoconferencing. Automatic video tracking is an option for all wired and wireless units. The interface allows connection to third-party cameras and videoconferencing systems, including cloud-based solutions.

How Can Media Vision Help?

  • Ask us for any recommendation to evaluate and enable your social distancing plans.
  • We provide advice on re-cabling to accommodate new and longer cable runs.
  • Most components for extended systems can be supplied on a rental basis with daily or monthly rates, for increased budgeting flexibility.

Most countries recommend that people stay at least 6 feet apart (just under 2 meters).

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