Electronic Nameplates (E Ink): Your Guide to the Modern Conferencing Staple

Electronic Nameplates (E Ink): Your Guide to the Modern Conferencing Staple

Efficient identification of delegates and meeting participants is an essential component of preparing a successful conference. Today, the headache of creating and disposing of paper nameplates is a thing of the past; in this short guide, we’ll tell you everything we need to know about E Ink nameplates, and how this innovative, easy-to-manage conferencing solution can revolutionize your annual meetings and events.

TAIDEN E Ink Nameplates

1. What are electronic or ‘E Ink’ nameplates? 

Basically, E Ink nameplates are electronic versions of their predecessor: the engraved or printed nameplate. TAIDEN was the first conference system manufacturer to introduce electronic nameplates to the market, and are now on their second-generation using E Ink technology. They are a great, more sustainable solution for events or meeting spaces that are shared among separate groups of people – especially if it is a large group of people.

2. How can electronic nameplates improve your meetings? 

In short, E Ink nameplates allow you to identify attendees at a conference or an executive boardroom, or a council chamber

  • No more flimsy paper nameplates that are used once, then disposed of.
  • E Ink nameplates allow you to add a logo and have several lines of text with different text sizes.
  • If you’ve ever had to produce nameplates for a meeting, you know the hassle involved when the delegate shows up and their name has been misspelled. With E Ink, you just change the spelling in the software, and the mistake is instantly corrected.  
  • Another classic challenge is that a high-level delegate took the wrong seat, and it could be embarrassing to point it out or ask them to move. No worries – you can again easily swap the names from within the software. 
  • Finally, for meetings with a lot of delegates, the labor involved in having to change nameplates between meetings can be cost prohibitive. Electronic nameplates alleviate this hassle and save time.

3. Electronic nameplates vs paper nameplates 

The major benefit of electronic nameplates over printed or engraved nameplates is their ease of use, ease of correction, flexibility, and savings on labor and time. 

An additional consideration in the ‘electronic vs paper nameplate’ debate is the fact that E Ink nameplates are a more sustainable solution. They use non-glaring and low-consumption technology, and only draw power when you ask them to change information and are reusable – unlike the throwaway paper versions.

4. Finally, what is the ROI of an electronic or ‘E Ink’ nameplate?   

In the short-term, electronic nameplates might seem like a more expensive solution for identifying delegates. In the long term, however, this investment pays off by saving organizations both time and resources – particularly those that conduct regular or annual conferences.

Where time and finances are concerned, the ROI of switching to electronic nameplates will depend on several factors: 

  • Your current method of providing nameplates and the costs involved.
  • The quantity of meetings that require nameplates.
  • The number of times per day you need to change the nameplates.
  • The quantity of delegates/nameplates that are being handled.
  • The availability of staff to manage the engraved/printed nameplates.

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