What equipment do I need for hybrid meetings?

To hold effective hybrid meetings for both remote and on-site participants, your organization will want to invest in the following equipment items:

A video conferencing and streaming platform

Post-pandemic, there’s no shortage of video conferencing tools out there, each ranging in subscription costs. While it’s tempting to opt for the cheapest option available, if your organization requires a solution that’s not just reliable but secure – particularly the corporate and government sectors – we recommend investing in specialized video conferencing platforms. KUDO allows for live language meeting and streaming, for example, making it the perfect option for international companies requiring real-time interpretation.

A quality webcam or video conferencing camera

For remote participants in a hybrid meeting, using your laptop’s integrated webcam is probably the simplest way to go. For a higher quality option, you can also purchase one of the many cost-effective, HD USB web cams available on the market. For the on-site meeting participants, however, you’ll want to extend your budget to a specialized pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera, allowing for automatic video tracking.

A decent microphone for all participants

Again, it’s tempting to cut costs by relying on the integrated microphone in employees’ PCs or headphones when they’re working from home. At Media Vision, however, we’re steadfast advocates for audio being the most crucial aspect of any meeting. If your organization has the budget to invest in specialized microphones for both the home and the conference table, it’s a must. Poor audio is incredibly distracting and unconducive to effective communication; meeting participants at home and in the meeting room will thank you for looking into decent conference microphones.

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