What is a paperless multimedia terminal?

Multimedia terminals, or ‘all-in-one video microphones’, are advanced, paperless HD touch panels encompassing all the collaborative features necessary for conferencing; file management, electronic voting, integrations to third-party video conferencing platforms, conference control and management (speech, voting, simultaneous interpretation), document management, speech text guidance, desktop sharing, delegate information, delegate photo for attendance check, video conversation, and conference agenda display. 

Array microphones can be attached to ensure better intelligibility of the meeting participants in the conference room, and with TAIDEN, an added layer of security identification is possible via an optional, contactless IC card. 

One of the main benefits of using a multimedia terminal in your meeting rooms and venues is the ability to overcome line-of-sight issuesThe display size, display angle, and the familiar multi-touch interface offer participants a seamless meeting experience. Units come equipped with an integrated 8-megapixel camera, and can be combined with wired conferencing microphones. More recently, multimedia terminals have become the perfect solution to hosting hybrid meetings.

TAIDEN offers a range of multimedia terminals, from integrated flip-up options to video monitors for simultaneous interpretation

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