What is the best microphone for an auditorium?

First and foremost, we need to define that by “auditorium”, we mean a meeting space that is supported by desks for the participants (because the generic “auditorium” is usually just chairs (with no space for microphones to be mounted). 

Having clarified that, in order to outfit an auditorium with microphones, you first need to identify what features you either need or don’t need in your meeting space: 

Next, it is important to understand the benefits of using a conference microphone in an auditorium:

  • Conference microphones help to increase clarity and intelligibility of audio in your auditorium and on conference calls. This is done by increasing the microphone sensitivity (gain) before feedback, limiting the number of microphones that are allowed on at one time, and providing a personal loudspeaker at each position.
  • Whether you have a microphone per participant or one per every two participants, the quality of sound due to proximity to the person speaking will always outperform ceiling mounted microphones.
  • Studies show that increasing clarity and intelligibility will result in increased retention of the information being communicated.
  • Conference microphones have the ability to automate camera tracking so that when a microphone is made live, a video camera will pan/tilt/zoom to that location. This feature can turn your auditorium into a teleconference or distance learning space where everyone can hear and be heard.

Finally, if you want to have control over the microphone system in your auditorium, a conference microphone allows you to have an operator remotely turn microphones on or off, adjust microphone sensitivity and equalization, and even assign names to each microphone for request to speak lists via easy-to-use system software. 

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