Media Vision’s CEO Makes In-person Delivery for First Assistive Listening Order

Media Vision’s CEO Makes In-person Delivery for First Assistive Listening Order

Press Release | April 26th 2016, New York

Delivering the first order of a new product line to a customer is a milestone for any company. For Media Vision’s CEO, Fardad Zabetian, there was no doubt it had to be a personal delivery. A few weeks after the commercial release of our new assistive listening system, we saw our first lucky customer: Plymouth Congregational Church in Coconut Grove, Miami.

It was not for the coconuts or the glamorous location that Fardad jumped on a flight two days later, but for this unique opportunity to meet and thank their first client, Plymouth Church, as well as the AV dealer and installation partner – Mike Harris of Harris Audio Systems and Paul van Puffelen of Southern Technical Support – and representative – Jon Ferren of Bencsik Associates.

Plymouth Congregational Church is a historic and simply beautiful church in the oldest neighborhood of Miami. It was built exactly 100 years ago by a single man, a Spaniard, and patterned after an old city mission church in Mexico. In 1974, it was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. The location and client profile certainly topped all of Media Vision’s expectations for a warm welcome as a vendor of assistive listening systems.

“The patrons were not satisfied with their existing assistive listening system; it had never worked” said Paul van Puffelen of Southern Technical Support. “We did a quick test of the new Media Vision solution and it worked without any issue”. The solution supplied is a 5-user system including the Media Vision Stationary Base Transmitter and Portable Receivers with earphones and neckloop compatible with telecoil-equipped hearing aids.

“This was one of my most exciting trips, delivering our very first Media Vision manufactured product. We supplied an elegantly-designed, high quality audio solution that integrates the most desirable functionalities at a very affordable price. We are very happy with the result and will strive to always exceed customer expectations”.

Fardad Zabetian, CEO of Media Vision

…The company discloses that not all products will be available for hand delivery.

It is important to note that while houses of worship are not formally required to meet ADA requirements with respect to assistive listening, most recognize that they have acoustical challenges and that hearing loss is a widespread issue. The technology thus becomes essential for congregants to hear the service properly and receive the messages of inspiration.

“We were happy to pick a solution that simply works with full coverage and clear audio”, says Mike Harris of Harris Audio Systems, with 40 years of experience in South Florida. “Who knew “to ship” meant CEO Fardad Zabetian delivering them in person?” adds Paul van Puffelen.

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