24 User Portable Assistive Listening (ALS) System

Assistive Listening Solutions

Our all-in-one portable Assistive Listening packages include a portable transmitter and receivers, batteries, a travel bag, a microphone, and earphones. Available as a 4 user, 8 user, or 24 user system.

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Media Vision’s portable Assistive Listening packages allow your organization to meet the full ADA requirements for Assistive Listening in public places of gathering. Designed to be lightweight, they provide the perfect solution for tour groups in tourist attractions.


  • Portable transmitter and receivers
  • Batteries
  • Travel bag
  • Microphone
  • Earphones
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • 57 programmable channels with settings lock 
  • Operating range of 100 feet
  • Removable belt clip carry option
  • Easy to maintain using standard AA batteries
  • Easy to program from the transmitter or a user-friendly software interface
  • Operates on the FCC protected 72-76 MHz FM bandwidth
  • Available as a 4 user, 8 user, or 24 user system.

Product Code: MV-ALS-SYS24P.

Please note that this equipment operates on a 72 MHZ band which meets ADA regulations in the United States. Please check local regulations if you intend to use this system outside of the United States.

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