Conference Microphones

Superior audio is at the core of our vision. We offer an array of wired and wireless, tabletop and flush-mounted designs.

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The efficiency of any conference hinges on excellent audio quality. Portable or infrared systems, flush-mounted or tabletop units, seamless integrations to digital discussion panels; today, TAIDEN offers the most extensive wired and wireless delegate microphone solutions. All designs are made to suit the aesthetics of your meeting room.

TAIDEN Conference Microphones

Highlights of Our Conference Microphones

Plug-and-play, daisy-chain connectivity for quick setup.
Simultaneous interpretation
64 channels (1 + 63) with dual channel selector option.
No interference
Using infrared guarantees no interference from smartphones, WIFI, Bluetooth, or other RF systems set-up in adjacent rooms. Also immune to interference from sunlight or energy-saving lighting.
Room combining
Quickly connect and separate adjacent rooms.
Wired/wireless combo
Both wired and wireless units will work together as one single system.
Automatic video tracking with PTZ cameras and connection to third party VTC systems.
IR is an inherently secure line-of-sight technology. Signals cannot be received outside the room.
Standard wired units can be combined with multimedia conference terminals.

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