TAIDEN HCS-5300 Series

Digital infrared wireless conference system.

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TAIDEN 8600 Series

The core of the TAIDEN infrared wireless conference system – dirATC (Digital Infrared Audio Transmitting and Control Technologies) – is an innovative new technology that digitally encodes and modulates audio and data signals for transmission via infrared light. This allows it to achieve both multi-channel audio signals and bidirectional data transmission and control. Digitalization combined with wireless transmission via infrared technology is an ideal solution for a wireless conference system.

The TAIDEN digital infrared wireless conference system is composed of a main unit, one or more transceivers, and delegate or chairman conference units.

  • Wireless system, easy to set up and to remove
  • Microphone sensitivity and EQ can be adjusted individually
  • Infrared transmission technology guarantees privacy
  • Any quantity of infrared wireless conference systems can be installed within a building for room combining
  • Full conferencing functions (discussion, voting and 1+7 CHs interpretation).
  • Paperless Multimedia Congress Terminal is equipped with a 14″ (1920×1080) HD TFT LCD touch panel, offering a paperless event experience including document reading, HD video watching, interactive meeting management (discussion, voting, 64 CHs interpretation) and meeting services
  • Capacitive touch panel supporting multi-touch, convenient and efficient for operation
  • Built-in 8-megapixel camera with flashlight, ingenious video conversation function
  • Based on TAIDEN originated GMC-STREAM Gigabit Multimedia Congress Stream technology, all audio and video signals are transmitted via a Cat.6 Gigabit network cable. GMC-STREAM fully guarantees the real-time performance and stability of the important data stream of the meeting, such as audio, voting information, and control information
  • 48 kHz audio sampling, 64 audio channels, each with a 30 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response for perfect sound quality.

More Information About The TAIDEN HCS-5300 Series

All Components of the TAIDEN HCS-5300 Series

What Makes the TAIDEN HCS-5300 Series Unique?

1. Inherently Secure & Reliable Audio

Infrared technology guarantees no interference from smartphones, WIFI, Bluetooth, or other radio frequency systems set-up in adjacent rooms. The technology is also immune to interference from sunlight or energy-saving lighting, making it the ideal solution for confidential meeting spaces.

2. Simultaneous Interpretation Functions

The HCS-5300 is fully compatible with the TAIDEN Digital Infrared Language Distribution System – designed for simultaneous interpretation. The conferencing system offers 1 + 7 channels with a dual channel selector option, better facilitating multilingual meetings.

3. Designed for Multipurpose Rooms

The HCS-5300 Series is a portable conference system, ideal for rooms that are frequently reconfigured. It is easy to setup and remove after use for storage. Multiple adjacent rooms can be combined to accommodate larger groups. Because the system uses infrared, no frequency management is required.

4. Video Conferencing Compatible

The TAIDEN wireless conference system ensures a superb quality of both near end and far end audio – ideal for hybrid or remote meetings. Automatic video tracking is an optional add-on, and the main unit can easily connect to the codec of third-party video conferencing systems.

5. Superior Audio Through Physics

TAIDEN’s HCS-5300 Series, like all its infrared wireless conferencing systems, uses a gooseneck microphone that positions the person speaking closer to the microphone. This allows for the desired audio content to be captured in ultra high quality, while rejecting ambient background noise.

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