TAIDEN HCS-5300 Series Accessories

Cable splitter, charging unit, batteries, and transceiver stands for the TAIDEN HCS-5300 Series.

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TAIDEN 5300 Series

The core of the TAIDEN infrared wireless conference system – dirATC (Digital Infrared Audio Transmitting and Control Technologies) – is an innovative new technology that digitally encodes and modulates audio and data signals for transmission via infrared light. This allows it to achieve both multi-channel audio signals and bidirectional data transmission and control. Digitalization combined with wireless transmission via infrared technology is an ideal solution for a wireless conference system.

The TAIDEN digital infrared wireless conference system is composed of a main unit, one or more transceivers, and delegate or chairman conference units.

  • Wireless system, easy to set up and to remove
  • Microphone sensitivity and EQ can be adjusted individually
  • Infrared transmission technology guarantees privacy
  • Any quantity of infrared wireless conference systems can be installed within a building for room combining
  • Full conferencing functions (discussion, voting and 1+7 CHs interpretation).
  • Original dirATC — digital infrared Audio Transmitting and Control technologies
  • Isolated audio recording function for simultaneous interpretation (1+7 channels)
  • Adopts 1~8 MHz transmission frequency, undisturbed by HF driven light sources
  • Excellent immunity to RF interference from mobile phones and RF devices
  • Vertical emission angle of conference unit selectable via LCD menu.

More Information About The TAIDEN HCS-5300 Accessories

All HCS-5300 Accessories

HCS-5300CHG/08. Charging Unit (8 pcs/case).

HCS-ADP15V. Power Adapter (15 V DC, 2.4 A, for HCS-5300/01/02 series conference unit).

HCS-ADP24V. Power Adapter (24 V DC, 1.5 A, for HCS-5300TW/TH).

HCS-5352. Cable Splitter (1 input & 4 outputs, for HCS-5300T series).

HCS-530TZJ2. Transceiver Stand (for HCS-5300TD/TH, excl. HCS-5300TD/TH when ordered).

CBL5300-05. 5 m Dedicated Transceiver Cable.

CBL5300-10. 10 m Dedicated Transceiver Cable.

CBL5300-20. 20 m Dedicated Transceiver Cable.

CBL5300-30. 30 m Dedicated Transceiver Cable.

CBL5300-40. 40 m Dedicated Transceiver Cable.

CBL5300-50. 50 m Dedicated Transceiver Cable.

CBL5300-05CMP. 5 m Dedicated Transceiver Cable(CMP).

CBL5300-10CMP. 10 m Dedicated Transceiver Cable(CMP).

CBL5300-20CMP. 20 m Dedicated Transceiver Cable(CMP).

CBBL5300-30CMP. 30 m Dedicated Transceiver Cable(CMP).

CBL5300-40CMP. 40 m Dedicated Transceiver Cable(CMP).

CBL5300-50CMP. 50 m Dedicated Transceiver Cable(CMP).

HCS-5300CHG/06. Charging Station (6 pcs/case, for HCS-5380/5381/5381R series).

HCS-5300CHG/06A. Charging Station (6 pcs/case, for HCS-5380/5381 series).

TES-ADP5V. Power Adapter (5 V DC, 2 A, for HCS-1081/50, HCS-5380/5381/5381R series).

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