TAIDEN HCS-4345 Series

Contactless IC card encoder for the TAIDEN HCS-4100 Series.

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TAIDEN 5300 Series

The long-distance conference sign-in system is based on the world’s currently most advanced high sensitivity contactless IC-card technology, detection distance over 1.2 meters. The participant only needs to carry the card with him/her. Sign-in occurs automatically when passing the registration gate in turn, no need to present the card for status identification. Significantly improved sign-in speed (about 1000 persons per 15 minutes possible).

TAIDEN short-distance conference sign-in system – suitable for small size municipal and political consultative entities conferences – adopts the universal short-distance IC card reader technology, due to its simplicity and profitability.

  • Induction distance is better than 1.2m and has no directivity
  • Sign-in time for one delegate does not exceed 0.1s
  • Adopts encryption technology, IC-card can be protected by password
  • Supports intensive crowd sign-in.
  • Display of real-time sign-in data and dynamic sign-in result
  • Display of delegate’s information such as picture, name, title and seat information if unit is equipped with LCD
  • Supports manual sign-in and absence times statistics
  • Sign-in machine connected via Ethernet.

More Information About The TAIDEN HCS-4345 Series

All Models in The Series

HCS-4345NTK/80. Contactless IC-card Encoder (black).

HCS-4345TK/50. IC-Card Encoder(champagne panel + gray base).

HCS-3922E. IC-Card (100pcs/set).

HCS-4345NF/50. Fingerprint Scanner (gray).

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