TAIDEN HCS-3900 Series

TAIDEN Compact Digital Conference System.

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TAIDEN 8600 Series

Based on cutting-edge digital control technologies, HCS-3900 Series Compact Digital Conference System is flexible and reliable for any conference of informal small or middle meeting. The system features include: microphone management, automatic video tracking, conference audio recording, etc.

HCS-3900 Series Compact Digital Conference System is also provided with function that to access and control main unit through Web browser, thus the operator can easily manage and control the conference proceedings.

  • Compact and practical, designed for small and medium-sized conference rooms
  • Fully digital audio technology
  • With web page control function, main unit can be controlled through web page
  • Gain and low-cut of each microphone can be adjusted separately
  • Conference main unit, with built-in monitor speaker, can be directly employed in small and medium-sized meeting rooms without amplification system.
  • Low power consumption
  • Main unit with USB interface and SD card slot for conference audio recording and playback
  • USB interface for system upgrading
  • “Daisy Chain” topology.

More Information About The TAIDEN HCS-3900 Series

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What Makes the TAIDEN HCS-3900 Series Unique?

1. Compact Solution

The TAIDEN HCS-3900 Series is a smaller, compact, and practical conferencing system, making it convenient for transportation. Once installed, the connection cable is routed from the bottom through the hole in the table for a tidy desktop.

2. Specialized for Congress

The stylish and ergonomically designed chairman and delegate units have all the necessary facilities to enable the user to chair a conference. When pressed, the microphone priority button causes all currently active delegate microphones to be switched off temporarily or permanently.

3. Superior Audio & Reliability

The TAIDEN HCS-3900 Series boasts excellent immunity to radio-frequencies from cell phones. The loudspeaker also offers impeccable acoustics with minimal feedback, for enhanced intelligibility from every seat in the meeting room.

4. Hybrid Compatible

Hybrid meeting facilities are an essential component of the modern conferencing system. By combining the TAIDEN HCS-3900 Series with our camera and video switcher unit allows for automatic video tracking during conferences – perfect for facilitating hybrid meetings.

5. A Personalized Meeting Experience

Every conference unit in the HCS-3900 Series is assigned an individual serial number. Its ID can be assigned automatically or manually through the conference system. Stem microphones can also be unplugged during adjournment, making them easy to maintain.

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