Electronic Voting

Tabletop, handheld, or integrated online voting solutions for conferences and meeting rooms of all sizes.

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We offer wired and wireless electronic voting solutions applicable for council chambers, training centers, and universities. In addition to Virtual Council, our meeting platform for policy makers, our electronic voting equipment supports parliamentary voting (yes/no/abstain), multiple choice, and audience response.

Wired Tabletop or Flush-Mounted Voting Units

TAIDEN wired voting units are designed specifically for voting, with tabletop or flush options that allow flexible placement on furniture. The system is scalable to more than 4000 voting units and supports multiple voting forms, including multiple choice, audience response, and parliamentary (Yes/No/Abstain) options.

Our voting units are compliant to international standards, and can be custom designed to each room type using precise measurements for a perfect flush-mount fit.

  • Max system capacity: 4096 voting units
  • 5 voting keys
  • Controls voting start, hold, resume, and stop
  • Graphic 256×32 LCD with back-lighting for displaying delegate sign-in and voting results, messages, and a multilingual menu
  • Voting results can be displayed immediately to multiple large audience screens in different formats.
  • Waterproof
  • Max consumption: 1.8 W
  • Mounting: Tabletop or flush-mount
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 64 x 197 x 86mm
  • ‘Closed Loop – Daisy Chain’ connection topology for a high operational system reliability: breakdown or replacement of a congress unit and connection failure of a cable will not influence other congress units in the system.

Wired or Wireless Handheld Voting Units

TAIDEN offers a robust and reliable stand-alone audience response system for high-profile conferences. These portable voting units are available with 3 or 10 voting keys, boasting ergonomic design options to implement different forms of voting. 

An IC-Card reader can be added for sign-in and voting rights verification, and when powered on, voting units will search and join in the available RF channel automatically.

  • Portable, stylish, and ergonomic design
  • Multiple forms of vote: parliamentary, for/against, questionnaire, audience response, score, appraisal
  • Maximum system capacity: 1200 wireless voting units
  • Option of built-in IC-Card reader
  • Large LCD for displaying signal intensity, power life, voting status, and voting result.
  • RF transceiver range: 100 m (frequency optional)
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 28 x 183 x 51 mm
  • Weight: 0.2 kg
  • Battery life: 120 hours, 2 AA batteries needed
  • Wireless digital communication allows for multi-level error correction and encrypted coding for high confidentiality and low error rate.

Voting Buttons on Conference Units

Most of our conference microphone models have the option to add 3 or 5 hard key voting buttons. Some wired microphones additionally have an LCD to display voting options and results. Adding a touch or contactless IC-Card reader is also an option to increase voting security using delegate identification.

This voting technology is not only a tool for formal decision-making; it also greatly enhances interactivity in lectures, improves retention, and helps collect valuable meeting data.

  • Stylish and ergonomic flush-mount design
  • Multiple forms of vote: implement parliamentary voting (yes/no/abstain), multiple-choice, audience response, and more
  • Maximum system capacity: 4096 voting units
  • Voting results can be displayed immediately to multiple large audience screens in different formats.
  • 3 to 5 voting buttons.
  • Maximum system capacity: 4096 voting units
  • “Closed Loop – Daisy Chain” connection topology
  • Waterproof, and equipped with ferromagnetic cover to protect the unit from damage during the adjournment
  • Supporting “PnP” (plug and play)
  • Built-in contactless IC-Card reader.

Highlights of our electronic voting solutions

Multiple voting types
Implement parliamentary voting (Yes/No/Abstain), multiple-choice, audience response, and more.
Voting can be integrated into our multimedia terminals or conducted via handheld voting units.
Reliability and security
This robust solution used in high-profile settings can be combined with IC-Card readers to verify user identification and voting rights.
Voting results can be displayed immediately to multiply large audience screens in different formats.

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