Electronic Voting

Tabletop, handheld, or integrated online voting solutions for conferences and meeting rooms of all sizes.

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We offer wired and wireless electronic voting solutions applicable for council chambers, training centers, and universities. In addition to Virtual Council, our meeting platform for policy makers, our electronic voting equipment supports parliamentary voting (yes/no/abstain), multiple choice, and audience response.

TAIDEN Wireless Handheld or Flush-Mounted Voting Units

Highlights of our Electronic Voting Solutions

Multiple voting types
Implement parliamentary voting (Yes/No/Abstain), multiple-choice, audience response, and more.
Voting can be integrated into our multimedia terminals or conducted via handheld voting units.
Reliability and security
This robust solution used in high-profile settings can be combined with IC-Card readers to verify user identification and voting rights.
Voting results can be displayed immediately to multiply large audience screens in different formats.

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