Dual backup power supply unit for the HCS-8300 Series.

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TAIDEN 8368 Series

In 2010, TAIDEN developed the first paperless multimedia conference system in the world. Paperless conference, video service, conference services, etc. were successfully introduced into conference system, and promoted conference system technology to a new stage. Now, TAIDEN paperless multimedia conference system has been successfully applied to the United Nations Headquarters, the World Bank Headquarters, Lombardy district government in Italy, the People’s Great Hall of Zhejiang Province, Wuhan International Expo Center and other high-end meeting places. The concept of paperless multimedia conference system has also been widely recognized and followed by global industry of conference system, and has become the representative of the fourth generation of conference system products.

In 2014, TAIDEN continued to lead the development of conference system technology, and introduced a new generation of paperless multimedia conference system. The new generation paperless multimedia terminals are equipped with 10″ with 1280X800 high resolution LCD touch screen, and the new experience of capacitive touch screen which supporting multi-touch, make paperless experience and operation more convenient and efficient, and can achieve a variety of HD video service, and a built-in 5 megapixel camera, and video intercom function, and E-ink nameplate with the latest electronic ink technology, at the same time, it can also realize interactive conference control and management (discussion, vote, 64 channel simultaneous interpretation x 2), conference services, etc.

  • Capacitive touch panel supporting multi-touch, improving operation experience
  • Elegant and compact flush-mount design with motorized angle adjustment
  • Best possible viewing experience with a 60-degree flip-and-fold design
  • Easy and quick management with electric flip-up of all units through the software
  • Array microphone option.
  • 10” HD TFT LCD touch panel (1920×1080), or 14” HD TFT LCD touch panel (1920×1200), depending on model
  • 8 megapixel onboard camera for video capture, with flashlight
  • Up to 64 (63 + 1) channels of simultaneous interpretation and all 64 channels perfectly reproducing audio frequencies between 30 Hz and 20 kHz
  • Dimensions: (H x W x D, mm, stem not included): 232 x 349 x 109 or 186 x 252 x 109, depending on model
  • Weight: 2.3 kg or 2.0 kg, depending on model

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HCS-8300PM. Power Supply Unit (DC 33 V).

HCS-8300PM2. Dual Backup Power Supply Unit (DC 33 V).

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