E Ink Nameplates

Ultra thin, versatile name or logo display with no light interference, for easy delegate identification at conferences.

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TAIDEN’s breakthrough electronic nameplates allow you to identify attendees at conferences in a more elegant, sustainable, and cost-effective way than traditional printed or engraved nameplates. E Ink is an acclaimed non-glaring and low-consumption technology; content will remain on the screen even without power.

Wired E Ink Nameplates

Highlights of Our Electronic Nameplates

Permanent Installations
The solution can be recessed in tables in permanent installations, as a standalone solution or as part of a conference microphone installation.
E Ink uses ultra low power; the content can even be permanently displayed on the nameplate after it has been powered off.
Versatile content display, from text and/or images (logos) to multiple line options.
Changes to seating arrangements and names are seamless. Information can be inputted via USB, remotely through Wi-Fi, or upon the participant’s sign-in with an individual IC-Card.
A more comfortable display
Wider viewing angle compared to conventional displays. As an acclaimed non-glaring and low-consumption technology, content will remain on the screen even without power.
Combination options
Works with a congress system or can be combined with our electronic nameplate management software.

E Ink Conference Nameplates: Our Guide

What is E Ink and what are its advantages? What is the ROI of using E Ink nameplates?

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