Language Distribution

Reliability and ease-of-use for interpreters and participants is what TAIDEN delivers for multilingual conferences. Sales

Our solutions—whether integrated or portable—offer digital audio quality meeting the highest standards. With the largest number of language channels available on both the wired simultaneous interpretation system and on our Digital Infrared Language Distribution System, TAIDEN ensures that language is no barrier to efficient communication.

TAIDEN Language Distribution Systems

Highlights of Our Language Distribution Solutions

With 64 language channels on our wired system and 40 channels on our wireless system, capacity is unequaled.
No interference
Using digital infrared instead of RF for language distribution ensures no interference and the possibility to set up systems in adjacent rooms.
Asset sharing
Borrow interpreter booths from another room to add languages.
The language name displayed in full helps participants to find their channel quickly.
Language receivers are compatible with other digital IR systems.
Unique features
An audio replay button and innovative video monitor help interpreters perform at their best.

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