TAIDEN HCS-5100 Series Accessories

Headphones, earphones, and cables for the HCS-5100 Series.

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TAIDEN 5300 Series

The TAIDEN HCS-5100Plus Series New Generation Digital Infrared Language Distribution System adopts the TAIDEN new generation digital infrared processing chip. The series conforms to the international standard for digital infrared. This system supports at most 40 distributing channels, making it the world’s most advanced IR language distribution system.

  • Ultra-wide reception angle: 270 vertical pick-up pattern
  • LCD displays: full language name, channel number, signal strength, battery life and volume
  • Digital infrared technology: immune to interference from RF devices and lightning. Systems can be setup in adjacent rooms
  • Battery discharge prevention: receivers will not switch on when headphones are not connected
  • Automatic synchronization of channels: no scrolling through unused channels.
  • Built-in high precision rechargeable circuitry to prolong the battery life
  • Unique 270° super wide reception angle, ensuring perfect sound quality even when casually placed
  • Transmitting in the 2-8 MHz frequency band eliminates disturbance from high frequency lighting systems.
  • Can work alongside our digital infrared wireless conference system to achieve up to 1+3 channels infrared wireless simultaneous interpretation
  • Supply voltage: 1.8 to 3.6 V, nominal 2.4 V.

More Information About The TAIDEN HCS-5100 Series Accessories

All Accessories in The Series

HCS-5100PA. Headphones.

HCS-820AS. Single Earphone (TRS connector, Ring: NC).

EP-830. Single Earphone (can be disassembled, TRS connector, Ring: NC).

RG-59. Coaxial-cable (75 Ω, Ø 5 mm)(unit: meter).

RG-6/U. Coaxial-cable (75 Ω, Ø 7 mm) (unit: meter).

BNC Connector. BNC Connector (plug).

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