Multilingual Event Planning

Easy-to-assemble interpreter booths and video distribution systems for seamless multilingual event management.

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Multilingual events are easy with our portable booths and video distribution monitors. Booths can be expanded to accommodate three real-time language interpreters, and offer excellent acoustic separation. They can be combined with tabletop units for normal interpretation and delay interpretation with auto-relay.

Interpreter Booths

This new, high quality interpretation booth for two interpreters (expandable to three) provides the best working environment for interpreters, with excellent acoustic separation as well as ease of handling and assembly for conference organizers.

Our interpreter booth was developed to meet the requirements for simultaneous interpretation at the most demanding and high-profile international congresses. A variety of mobile booths are available through Media Vision for different events settings: corporate seminars and annual meetings, multilingual conferences, and more.

  • Conforms to ISO-4043:1998 international standards 
  • Easy assembly: 10 minutes, without tools, using unique QUICKLATCH® locking system
  • Comfort for interpreters: panoramic windows for super visibility, large working surface, clothes hanger, silent ventilation
  • Included accessories: removable table, two LED lights, two fans, 38 dB silent whisper (11/220 volts), ATA-300 shipping case on wheels
  • Optional: Double Plexiglass® window, air conditioning, soundproof flooring, interior partition systems, custom built size.
  • Lightweight aluminium structure: 140 kg/308 lbs
  • Outside dimensions (L x H x D): 166 cm x 203 cm x 166 cm
  • 10 panels for two interpreters, possible to add panels for three interpreters
  • Construction: each panel is built with a laminate finish exterior with special isolated soundproof material. Material is fire retardant UL-723. Inside covering is made with decorative textile 100% polyester. Cotton of 9 mm, woven density, and weight of 60 g per meter.
  • Outside dimensions (L x H x D): 166 x 203 x 166 cm

Video Distribution to Interpreter Booths

Our Interpreter Unit brings the latest in digital technologies to the simultaneous interpretation field. The unit can transmit up to 64 CHs high quality digital audio and boasts a sleek tabletop design as well as two operational modes: normal interpretation and delay interpretation with auto-relay.

The first dedicated interpreter monitor offers an elegant solution to simplify video distribution to interpreter booths. The 10” size and viewing angle is ideal for interpreters to get a close-up view of the presenter without obstructing the general view of the conference room. Large events are made easier to manage from the interpreter position.

  • System capacity: 63 languages with up to 6 interpreter units per language
  • Supports high-definition video display (HDMI, SDI, VGA)
  • Four selectable output channels, switchable by interpreters
  • Printed nameplate on the back can be used for booth language name display
  • Paperless multimedia congress terminal equipped with a 10”  1280 x 800 high resolution LCD touch screen panel, realizes paperless meetings, various HD video services, interactive conference control functions (speech, voting, etc). 
  • Audio and video signals are transmitted via a Cat. 6 Gigabit network cable, fully guaranteeing real-time performance and stability of the important data stream of the meeting
  • Built-in fingerprint identification module
  • Integrated nx8 audio matrix processor to realize eight channels of group output function
  • 48 kHz audio sampling, 64 audio channels, each with a 30 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response for perfect sound quality
  • 5 megapixel camera with flashlight and video intercom function.

Highlights of our multilingual event solutions

With 64 language channels on our wired system and 40 channels on our wireless system, capacity is unequaled.
No interference
Using digital infrared instead of RF for language distribution ensures no interference and the possibility to set up systems in adjacent rooms.
Asset sharing
Borrow interpreter booths from another room to add languages.
The language name displayed in full helps participants to find their channel quickly.
Language receivers are compatible with other digital IR systems.
Unique features
An audio replay button and innovative video monitor help interpreters perform at their best.

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