TAIDEN HCS-6100 Series

TAIDEN Network central control system.

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TAIDEN 8600 Series

TAIDEN’s Central Control System provides various programmable terminal ports, open programmable control platform, powerful control logic and user-friendly open programmable operation interface.

The system works in conjunction with wireless two-way touch panel and wireless receiver to implement remote wireless control of all functions. TAIDEN intelligent central control system is specially designed for modern meeting halls and can be connected perfectly with TAIDEN conference system to provide a perfect solution.

  • High brightnesswidescreen color touch panel (7″, 10″, 12″ and 15″)
  • Supports wireless two-way control, accurately monitors the status of all controlled devices
  • Supports wired Ethernet control
  • AV interface supports various multimedia videoformats and PIP (picture in picture) function
  • Mini-USB port and type A USB port, supports SD card.
  • Built-in TAIDEN digital conference system control protocol
  • pen programmable control platform, powerful control logic
  • Various programmable interfaces for remote controlled terminals (e.g. digital I/O port, IR port, RS-232 port)
  • Built-in IR learning
  • Built-in audio mixer with volume control.

More Information About The TAIDEN TES-6100 Series

All Components of the TAIDEN TES-6100 Series

What Makes the TAIDEN HCS-6100 Series Unique?

1. Easy-to-Use

TAIDEN’s network central control system achieves wired Ethernet and/or WIFI via a wireless/wired color widescreen touch panel, which controls all devices in the conference venue. The operator is able to control the complicated conference and environment devices easily  through an intuitive visualized interface.

2. Supports WiFi/Wired Ethernet

TAIDEN HCS-6100 Series Widescreen Touch Panels feature unmatched color, high resolution and contract ratio, high brightness, and wide viewing angles. They also provide audio and video function and a USB port, and support SD card, WiFi control and wired Ethernet control.

3. Seamless Integration & Built-in IR Learning

The TAIDEN HCS-6100 Series features exclusive dynamic configurable RS-232C/485 ports, supporting all kinds of control protocols. The system can be seamlessly integrated with the TAIDEN Digital Conference System, making it the perfect intelligent conference solution.

4. Multi-Room Management

The TAIDEN HCS-6100 System Multi-Room Management Software provides a central management software for controlling multiple rooms via Ethernet. The quantity of rooms that can be managed is decided by ID and IP address. Each room has a dedicated hardware device and the corresponding network control system in the system.

5. Room Scheduling Software

The room scheduling management component of the TAIDEN HCS-6100 system is a multi-user room management platform based on Ethernet. After the room reservation has been configured in the server, the user can login, inquire, and reserve an appointment via any computer in the LAN.

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