Network central control system main unit.

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TAIDEN 5300 Series

TAIDEN’s Central Control System provides various programmable terminal ports, open programmable control platform, powerful control logic and user-friendly open programmable operation interface.

The system works in conjunction with wireless two-way touch panel and wireless receiver to implement remote wireless control of all functions. TAIDEN intelligent central control system is specially designed for modern meeting halls and can be connected perfectly with TAIDEN conference system to provide a perfect solution.

  • High brightnesswidescreen color touch panel (7″, 10″, 12″ and 15″)
  • Supports wireless two-way control, accurately monitors the status of all controlled devices
  • Supports wired Ethernet control
  • AV interface supports various multimedia videoformats and PIP (picture in picture) function
  • Mini-USB port and type A USB port, supports SD card.
  • Built-in TAIDEN digital conference system control protocol
  • pen programmable control platform, powerful control logic
  • Various programmable interfaces for remote controlled terminals (e.g. digital I/O port, IR port, RS-232 port)
  • Built-in IR learning
  • Built-in audio mixer with volume control.

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HCS-6100MCP4/WS. Network Central Control System Main Unit (built-in Web Server).

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