Legislative Management Software

Voting and microphone management software for seamless control and operation of legislative proceedings.

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Legislative management software

Our legislative management software is comprehensive, reliable, and user-friendly. The system allows the operator to manage the conference efficiently from the beginning of a meeting until the post-meeting work. With the PC installed, the software can be connected into the Fully Digital Conference System (FDCS).

Microphone management

This module allows an operator to take control of the microphones in a meeting remotely from either a touch screen panel or with an easy click-of-the mouse.

The module transforms event venues into an intuitive, graphical and manageable interface as a base for future reference. Self-design background image and color, support for any sized picture, comprehensive conference information management tool for clear and simple management. Includes conference title and meeting information.

  • Microphone control: combined with venue design, seating arrangement, delegate management, conference management and microphone setup, for controlling and monitoring current microphone status, as well as automatic video tracking
  • Microphone on/off control, and ability to close all active microphones
  • Approve/deny delegates’ speaking requests, and delegate speech timing and recording
  • Parliamentary mode control
  • Detailed information available from the delegate database for online display purposes.
  • If cooperating with an automatic video tracking system, camera presets can be made for each discussion unit to transmit the speaker’s picture simultaneously to a hall display
  • Seat arrangement, delegate management and microphone control sub-modules
  • Connecting to external multi-channel audio devices grants versatile expansion of the system
  • Delegate management includes two submodules: delegate information and participants
  • Operators are able to selectively assign units to any number of outputs, and create unique mixes for audio destinations based on conference needs. This is especially useful for combining and separating conference rooms.

Voting management

As a core component of our legislative management software, our voting management software module includes delegate management, multiple voting, and multi-proposal voting, as well as seat arrangement and delegate management submodules.

The voting management software is a comprehensive, user-friendly electronic voting module for managed settings that require the reliability of an integrated system. This software accurately tracks, records and simultaneously displays voting results instantly.

  • Parliamentary voting (yes, no abstain)
  • Other voting formats available (e.g. multiple choice)
  • Register mode: nominative vs. ballot. Can create spreadsheets containing the names of voting participants and their vote
  • Display voting results to audience screens
  • Control modes: chairman control/operator control/time controlled voting
  • Validity mode: first key press valid/last key press valid
  • Clear and vivid voting result display modes (numeric/bar/pie)
  • Sign in before the voting to improve the security and validity of voting result
  • Open topics control interface and display topics content to the main screen
  • Multiple voting facilities available, suitable for various conference voting, including: for/against, parliamentary (yes/no/abstain), questionnaire (1/2/3/4/5), audience response (–/-/0/+/++), parliamentary NPPV (yes/no/abstain/NPPV), appraisal (perfectly satisfied/satisfied/basically satisfied/unsatisfied) or simply (satisfied/unsatisfied).

Highlights of our legislative management software

Multiple voting options
Various conference voting formats are supported, including for/against and parliamentary voting.
Extensive software options
Enrich your meetings with new functionalities and diverse modules.
Reliability and security
With two levels of redundancy, system failure is not an option.
Custom design
Our industry-leading product engineers and involved in projects from the earliest stages of design. We know that no two boardrooms are the same.
Seamless delegate control
Microphone management is combined with venue design, seating arrangement, and more.
Intuitive solutions
User-friendly legislative conference control options with or without the need for a PC.
Signal routing and processing flexibility
TAIDEN interfaces include Dante, fiber optic, and more protocols.
Products built to last
All TAIDEN conference systems are covered by a 5-year manufacturer warranty, backed up by advanced replacement services that ensure little to no interruption for users.

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