Room Combining

We can divide large reconfigurable conference rooms into multiple, secure teleconferencing spaces.

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Room Combining

Using our powerful wireless IR microphone and our dedicated room combiner, multiple adjacent rooms with airwalls can be combined to accommodate large groups. We can divide reconfigurable conference rooms into multiple teleconference spaces while guaranteeing total security and superb audio.

Congress Room Combiner

Tried and tested by hundreds of corporate offices and organizations, our Congress Room Combiner allows room combining or splitting with the simple push of a button.

The system is used in conjunction with our digital infrared wireless microphones to combine up to 4 meeting spaces, our wired systems to combine up to 8 meeting spaces, or wired systems fiber optic to combine up to 24 meeting spaces.

  • Perfect solution for selectively combining or separating meeting rooms
  • Flexibility and discretion (according to situational conditions)
  • Up to eight units per system
  • Cascadable to merge up to 14 meeting rooms
  • Microphones will auto handshake to the room they’re in without needing to manage frequencies or label and assign microphones.
  • Graphic 256 x 32 LCD with backlighting displays configuration of RJ45 standard sockets, supporting multi-language menu
  • Eight RJ45 ports for connection to intelligent central control system and system diagnosis
  • Two RS-232 ports for connection to intelligent central control system and system diagnosis
  • Mounting: either tabletop or mounted on a 19” rack
  • Integrated USB interfaces for system upgrading and saving system parameters.

Wireless Systems - Combine up to 4 meeting spaces

Wired Systems - Combine up to 8 meeting spaces

Wired Systems - Fiber optic to combine up to 24 meeting spaces

Highlights of our room combining solutions

Room combining options are available to combine meeting spaces from 4 to 24 rooms (campus-wide room combining).
Fiber optic connection
A direct connection via fiber optic between the main units in each room is sufficient to allow room combining.
Multilingual meeting settings
With the ability to combine interpretation booths from another room, our systems are perfectly adapted for facilities hosting multilingual conferences.
Custom design
Our industry-leading product engineers and involved in projects from the earliest stages of design. We know that no two boardrooms are the same.
Central control system
All room main units centrally connect to the TAIDEN room combiner to enable room dividing.
Asset sharing
Our systems make it possible to combine and merge data and voting capability.
Campus-wide room combining
Up to 24 rooms can be connected, and up to 14 rooms can be combined as one system or several smaller combinations all operating at the same time.
Products built to last
All TAIDEN conference systems are covered by a 5-year manufacturer warranty, backed up by advanced replacement services that ensure little to no interruption for users.

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