Video Conferencing and Streaming

Specialized, multilingual video conferencing and streaming solutions for council chambers and boardrooms.

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Video Conferencing & Streaming

Mainstream video conferencing tools lack many of the features required by specialized industries such as government and education. Our hybrid meeting solutions include integrated voting, simultaneous interpretation, recording and archiving, and high definition video streaming for remote participation.

Virtual Council

Specifically designed for local and special government, Virtual Council is an all-in-one meeting platform for policy makers. Easily combined with our TAIDEN audio solutions and multimedia terminals, the platform allows for a seamless hybrid meeting setup. 

Unlike mainstream video conferencing tools, Virtual Council offers specialized features like integrated voting, user roles for the operator, moderator, participant, and members of the public, camera and microphone control, and sign language support.

  • Audio fallback and echo cancellation
  • Integrated parliamentary voting
  • User roles, including operator and moderator
  • Camera and microphone control
  • Enhanced security and compliance.
  • Low latency
  • Sign language support
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Push-to-talk operator button
  • Webcam and headset integration.

Multilingual Video Conferencing

KUDO’s cloud-based video conferencing solution with live language translation allows more effective meetings across geographic and language barriers. KUDO is a solution for remote participation at international events, for press conferences, user research in foreign markets, and for all daily web communication needs of global organizations.

Participants can join meetings and live conferences from any smartphone, tablet or computer. Speakers, attendees and even interpreters can be in the room or half a world across as the solution accommodates on-site and/or off-site interpreters.

  • Video conferencing with multilingual support
  • Integrated polling and voting
  • Real time simultaneous interpretation
  • Web and mobile support
  • Document sharing and archiving.
  • Scalable: unlimited languages and thousands of participants
  • Quality control: echo cancellation, adjustable audio bitrate, adjustable video frame rate, intelligent audio fallback
  • Compliant: China-ready platform, WebRTC-enabled
  • Accessibility: sign language available, GDPR compliant
  • Comprehensive reporting functionalities.

Automatic Video Tracking and Recording

In a hybrid meeting setting, automatic camera tracking can make all the difference for remote attendees. Incorporating this feature also improves the service value of your TAIDEN push-to-talk microphones, by allowing users to capture the image of the person speaking for audience screens, streaming, video recording, or video conferencing.

This future-proof conferencing solution comprises an HD video conference camera for high-speed, quiet, and smooth PTZ operators, sophisticated video control software, video tracking matrix switchers with built-in protocols, and a video and audio processor.

  • High-definition: all TAIDEN solutions allow HD video capture, processing and display
  • Compatibility: advanced interface to connect with third-party cameras and video conferencing systems
  • Flexible signal processing: video scaling, multiple video inputs and outputs options
  • Audience screens: customizable display content and format, supporting multi-screens.
  • Video tracking matrix switchers support 3G/HD and standard SDI digital video signal sources
  • Video tracking matrix switchers available with 4×4 or 8×8 input/output channels
  • Shooting range for HD video conference camera: -150° to +150°, and a tilt angle of -30° to +90°
  • Maximum pan speed of HD video conference camera: 300°/s, and maximum tilt speed: 125°/s
  • HD video conference camera boasts a 240x zoom ratio: 20x optical + 12x digital.

Highlights of our video conferencing solutions

High definition
All TAIDEN solutions allow HD video capture, processing, and display
Flexible signal processing
Video scaling, multiple video input and output options.
Save recordings instantly to local or network storage.
Advanced interface to connect with third-party cameras and video conferencing systems.
Multichannel audio
Input up to 16 channels of digital audio, or 8 channels of analog audio, on 1 video stream.
Easy integration
Dante-enabled capture device integration with CDN.

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