TAIDEN 8×4 High definition video tracking matrix switcher.

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TAIDEN 5300 Series

In a hybrid meeting setting, automatic camera tracking can make all the difference for remote attendees. Incorporating this feature also improves the service value of your TAIDEN push-to-talk microphones, by allowing users to capture the image of the person speaking for audience screens, streaming, video recording, or video conferencing. The solution offers immediate display of speaker’s image, making it perfect for video recording, while unique frozen image and OSD functions ensure perfect automatic video tracking.

This future-proof conferencing solution comprises an HD video conference camera for high-speed, quiet, and smooth PTZ operators, sophisticated video control software, video tracking matrix switchers with built-in protocols, and a video and audio processor.

  • Video interface; BNC×5 female
  • Fully loaded video bandwidth: 450 MHz
  • Typical switching speed: 25 ns
  • Typical propagation delay: 5 ns
  • Compatible with RGBHV, RGBs, RGsB, RsGsBs, HDTV, component video, S-video and composite video.
  • The latest RGB switch chip is used
  • Input synchronization signal detection function
  • Gain compensation and synchronization signal AGC to guarantee faster switching with no blinking and glitch
  • RS-232 control, supporting RS-232 protocols
  • One RS-422/485 control port with built-in professional camera control protocols, a variety of professional cameras like TAIDEN HCS-3316HDB, SONY, PELCO and Panasonic can be controlled
  • One RS-232 control port for connection with TAIDEN conference system
  • Power-off protection for scene status
  • LCD to display real-time operation
  • Front panel button control , easy to switch manually.

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TMX-0804HTK. 8×4 High Definition Video Tracking Matrix Switcher (450 MHz, BNC Connectors).

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