High-performance, live imaging camera systems for presentations in universities, courtrooms, and boardrooms.

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Cost-effective and easy to use, Wolfvision’s Visualizer systems are used in the world’s leading universities and educational institutions, in both in-classroom and online learning environments. In judicial settings, these innovative solutions also allow evidence to be shown to courtroom participants in impeccable detail.

Desktop Visualizers

The desktop visualizer range includes cost-effective, entry-level models streamlined to include only the essential core components, as well as more robust models with customizable additional features.

Support for UVC hands organizations plug-and-play connectivity options from a laptop, enabling courtrooms and university speakers to easily add ‘live’ on-screen content into Zoom, MS Teams, or other web conferencing tools.

  • Ultra-high resolution camera with 1080p HD output for presentation of content materials in outstanding quality
  • Powerful 12x zoom range ensuring crystal-clear resolution
  • Available without a working plate for permanent mounting directly onto a desktop or podium
  • HDMI input/output
  • Optional Riser Place enables pick-up of content materials in up to A4 portrait size.
  • LED lighting system that avoids distracting hot spots or reflections, for perfect and adjustment-free illumination
  • Flexible external control via computer or wireless control via a mobile device
  • Self-adhesive, dry-erase working surfaces available for display of written content
  • LAN port includes Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) functionality
  • High-speed continuous autofocus guarantees crisp presentation of on-screen content.

Multimedia Visualizers

This visualizer range transforms the way in which multimedia content can be displayed. Models come with integrated WLAN and audio, and feature onboard FHD recording that allows the capturing of complete multimedia presentation and lecture content.

In addition to the ability to display both ‘live’ material and external content from diverse sources, these visualizer models feature onboard HD video recording with audio, a frame rate of up to 60 frames per second, and unique synchronized laser markers for easy positioning of objects.

  • Built-in microphone for recording audio, and a line-level input for external audio sources to be recorded if needed
  • Synchronized laser markers projected from the camera head mark the edges of the pickup area of the camera
  • Streaming options for video and audio to computers, tablets, or smartphones on the internal network or the internet
  • Easy to use zoom wheel on top of the camera head
  • Large, built-in preview monitor, making it easier to position objects correctly on the working surface.
  • Larger zoom range of 16x to present objects as small as a postage stamp
  • 1-CMOS native 1080p HD camera with up to 60 frames per second and WXGA native image formats
  • Flexible memory options for recorded videos and pictures, with enough capacity to store thousands of images, or an average of 10 hours of video footage
  • Focus and brightness are automatically adjusted
  • Recording functionality covers external content such as PowerPoint, digital images, webpages, and PDFs.

4K Visualizers

The newly designed native 4K UHD Visualizer system combined crystal clear on-screen images, a touchscreen control and preview monitor. It also boasts 4K recording and streaming, and is now available with an optional built-in HDBaseT module, enabling delivery of uncompressed 4K60 content over long distances in uncompromised quality.

With this model, you can expect additional features such as a powerful, 64x zoom for unparalleled flexibility when displaying on-screen content, high-speed continuous focus, and an easy-toy-se 9-point touch and focus mode.

  • Ultra-high definition camera with 4K UHD output resolution for presentation of content in unrivalled image quality
  • 64x zoom for incredible flexibility when displaying content on-screen
  • Simultaneous 4K (2160p / 30fps) recording and streaming
  • High speed continuous autofocus, manual focus, plus an easy-to-use 9-point touch and focus mode
  • LCD touchscreen monitor for easy positioning of objects on the working surface, plus swipe-through advanced settings menu.
  • LCD touchscreen monitor for easy positioning of objects on the working surface, plus swipe-through advanced settings menu
  • 90° rotating camera head with shake-free mount for picking up images and video from outside of the working surface
  • Focusing, brightness, and white balance are adjusted automatically
  • Easy remote management setup with vSolution Link Pro software
  • High-speed continuous autofocus, plus an easy-to-use 9-point touch and focus mode.

Ceiling Visualizers

WolfVision‘s ceiling visualizer is the world’s first and only Live 3D presentation solution. Integrated into a suspended ceiling or ceiling-mounted like a projector, the 3D visualizer features two high-precision lenses and an onboard stereoscopic mixer enabling spectacular ‘live’ high definition 3D images to be viewed in real-time.

This unique and highly immersive system enables the speaker’s workspace to remain completely free of technical equipment, and delivers stunning visuals for 3D applications like education and science, video conferencing, healthcare, telemedicine, corporate presentations, product design, engineering, and more.

  • Breathtaking 3D image quality that enhances any presentation, lecture or training session 
  • On-board HD video recording and streaming
  • Optional infrared remote control available upon request
  • Synchronized Lightfield for easy positioning of objects, with a built-in recording functionality
  • Ability to be integrated onto a suspended ceiling or ceiling-mounted.
  • Native 1080p HD resolution at 30 frames per second
  • Premium quality, high-precision wide angle lens with 12x optical zoom factor
  • This allows for the installation in rooms at a height of up to 3m (10‘), and facilitates zooming in very closely, as well as picking up very large objects
  • Integrated WLAN, and an 8GB internal memory
  • Light source maintenance-free, high-brightness LED light system with a lamp lifetime of 30,000 hours.

Highlights of our visualizers

Remote management tools
vSolution Link Pro software for easy remote setup, monitoring, management, and updating of systems.
Write on your visualizer
Optional dry-erase working surfaces enable users to write directly onto the visualizer pick-up area during presentations.
Powerful zoom range
Visualizers provide up to 64x zoom (depending on model) for unparalleled flexibility and clarity when displaying on-screen content.
Anti-theft devices
Attach to a table using a table lock bolt or use a T-Lock device.
Room management APIs
Prepared modules and customizable APIs available, enabling systems to communicate with Room Control Systems via LAN or USB.
Adjustment-free lighting
No distracting hot spots or reflections, and no need to adjust the light. The LED lighting system is automatically optimized for perfect illumination.

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