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High-performance, live imaging camera systems for presentations in universities, courtrooms, and boardrooms.

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Cost-effective and easy to use, Wolfvision’s Visualizer systems are used in the world’s leading universities and educational institutions, in both in-classroom and online learning environments. In judicial settings, these innovative solutions also allow evidence to be shown to courtroom participants in impeccable detail.

The Wolfvision range includes desktop, multimedia, 4K, and ceiling visualizers. Support for UVC hands organizations plug-and-play connectivity options from a laptop, enabling courtrooms and university speakers to easily add ‘live’ on-screen content into Zoom, MS Teams, or other web conferencing tools.

  • Ultra-high resolution camera with 1080p HD output for presentation of content materials in outstanding quality
  • Powerful 12x zoom range ensuring crystal-clear resolution
  • Available without a working plate for permanent mounting directly onto a desktop or podium
  • HDMI input/output
  • Optional Riser Place enables pick-up of content materials in up to A4 portrait size.
  • LED lighting system that avoids distracting hot spots or reflections, for perfect and adjustment-free illumination
  • Flexible external control via computer or wireless control via a mobile device
  • Self-adhesive, dry-erase working surfaces available for display of written content
  • LAN port includes Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) functionality
  • High-speed continuous autofocus guarantees crisp presentation of on-screen content.

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What Makes WolfVision's Visualizers Unique?

1. Oustanding Picture Quality

1-CMOS ultra-high resolution camera with 1080p FHD output / 30 frames per second, ensures outstanding imaging performance with measured image resolution (Ø) of 980 lines in every part of the picture.

2. Variable Speed Zoom Range

12x zoom picks up objects as large as an open book or as small as a credit card in full size to fill a screen. For maximum usability, focus, brightness, white balance etc., are all adjusted automatically.

3. Lecture Capture Made Easy

On-board recording functionality enables entire presentations and lectures to be captured, providing a quick and easy solution for in-house production of training videos or lecture capture.

4. No. 1 for Imaging Performance

An Ultra-high definition camera with 4K UHD output enables presentation of materials in unrivalled picture quality, and the adjustment-free LED lighting system which is specially optimised for the working surface, ensures even illumination at all times.

5. Online Classes & Lessons Brought to Life

Support for UVC gives you simple plug-and-play connectivity with your laptop, enabling you to easily add ‘live’ on-screen content into your Zoom, MS Teams or other web conferencing sessions.

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