Digital infrared receiver for the TAIDEN TES-5600.

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TAIDEN 5300 Series

The TES-5600R is a high fidelity digital infrared receiver, boasting a ceiling, wall, or tripod mounting option, and a large reception angle of 150°(±75°)vertical, 360° horizontal. Using inherently secure infrared technology, the receiver can be used in multiple adjacent rooms without the need for frequency management.

This digital infrared wireless receiver works alongside the TAIDEN digital infrared wireless conference system providing a complete package to support crystal clear communication in boardrooms and training rooms.

  • Can be mounted onto the ceiling and wall for optional coverage, or fixed onto a tripod at any appropriate spot
  • World-pioneering digital infrared wireless lecturing system
  • Based on TAIDEN originated dirATC-digital infrared audio transmitting and control technologies
  • Excellent immunity to RF interferences from HF-driven lighting and operates well in sunlight
  • Reception angle: vertical: 150° (± 75°), horizontal: 360°.
  • USB interface realizing quality-lossless sound recording during class on PC and intact input of streaming audio into the system
  • Digital infrared audio processing and transmitting technology enables excellent audio quality
  • Operating the IR system does not require a radio frequency license all over the world
  • Digital infrared transmission technology guarantees conference privacy
  • Original dirATC-digital infrared audio transmitting and control technologies.

More Information About The TAIDEN HCS-5600RN

All Models in The Series

TES-5600RN/30. Digital Infrared Receiver (RJ45 interface, ceiling, wall or tripod-mounted, support 2 wireless microphones).

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