Digital infrared wireless microphone for the TAIDEN TES-5600.

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TAIDEN 5300 Series

The TES-5604 is a digital infrared wireless handheld microphone, boasting no interference from RF devices, a large 360° emission angle, a rechargeable battery charged via a USB port or charging station.

This digital infrared wireless microphone works alongside the TAIDEN digital infrared wireless conference system providing a complete package to support crystal clear communication in boardrooms and training rooms.

  • Large 360° emission angle
  • Rechargeable battery that charges via a USB port or charging station
  • Excellent immunity to RF interferences from HF-driven lighting and operates well in sunlight
  • Digital infrared audio processing and transmitting technologies enable excellent audio quality
  • Adjustable microphone channel and sensitivity.
  • USB interface realizing quality-lossless sound recording during class on PC and intact input of streaming audio into the system
  • Digital infrared audio processing and transmitting technology enables excellent audio quality
  • Operating the IR system does not require a radio frequency license all over the world
  • Digital infrared transmission technology guarantees conference privacy
  • Original dirATC-digital infrared audio transmitting and control technologies.

More Information About The TAIDEN TES-5604N

All Models in The Series

TES-5604N_W. Digital Infrared Wireless Microphone (white, built-in rechargeable lithium battery, with laser pointer, excl. adapter, used with TES-5600NS_W neck lanyard or TES-5600CLP clip).

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