Regional Council of the Val d’Oise, France

Regional Council of the Val d’Oise, France

Location: Cergy, Val d’Oise, France  |  Room Type: City Council Chamber

This installation at the region of the Val d’Oise is the direct result of another successful council project at the City of Cergy, in the same region. What was most important for the user was to have excellent audio capture, with the ability to adjust audio levels for each individual microphone during the session, in order to deliver the best quality for web streaming. 

Val d'Oise

Automatic video tracking has been implemented with cameras following active microphones. The TAIDEN comprehensive software suite made it possible to integrate data to videos including date, and councillors’ names and political representations, allowing the audience to have a better understanding of the context of the speeches.

Integration partner: Videoline. 

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