Transat A.T. Headquarters, QC, Canada

Transat A.T. Headquarters, QC, Canada

Location: Montreal, QC, Canada  |  Room Type: VTC Boardroom

As an established, publicly traded enterprise in a highly competitive industry, Transat A.T. conducts its activities in some 60 countries, with more than 6,500 employees catering to the approximately 2.5 million people who travel every year. The headquarters has its own distinct challenges during daily meetings. These meetings must be run as efficiently as possible so as not to waste anyone’s time. It was essential for all to find a solution to boost productivity.

Transat executives needed a sound reinforcement solution to help with speech intelligibility during meetings and to allow audio and video conferencing. The solution had to be wireless but not RF to avoid interferences, so we offered our push-to-talk, digital infrared wireless conferencing system as a solution.


Within Transat headquarters, the meeting space in question is a simply furnished room, holding frequent meetings for some 20 high-level executives and sometimes involving conference calls with other locations as well. Meeting attendees were complaining they could not understand each other, especially with the air conditioning turned on.

Fatigued from trying to listen through poor acoustics, they started looking for a sound reinforcement solution to aid communication among participants. “We had a limited budget with a well-defined objective and wanted to avoid remodeling our whole conference room”, says Patrice Tanguay, Telephony Expert and Team Leader for Transat A.T. “Finding a sound reinforcement solution was crucial in making meetings more effective and allowing people to exchange with ease, clarity and impact”.

Transat chose to go with the TAIDEN conferencing solution – the only digital infrared wireless conferencing system on the market: the HCS-5300 series . The portable TAIDEN system offered the best quality at the best value for the technology features and reliability needed for Transat. A chairman unit and eleven dual-ID HCS-5302D delegate push-to-talk microphones with a table-top, stylish, and ergonomically designed interface were included in the design prepared by Media Vision. 


The Media Vision USA team – in partnership with their Authorized Reseller, Global Audio Visual – selected all components needed both for the installation in the meeting space and off-site. The HCS-5300MC main unit, with digital infrared audio processing and transmitting technologies, ensures perfect sound quality. Within the wide choice of transceivers’ type, two wide-angle ceiling-mounted were selected for the meeting room as well as one tripod type transceiver that is an ingenious portable solution to transmit the signal during off-site events.

The installation at Transat A.T. was carried out by Global Audio Visuel, a well-recognized AV installation group in the region of Montreal. “After we had mounted the transceivers in the ceiling, the installation process went very quickly and smoothly” says Mike Moussa, the President of Global Audio Visuel. “The TAIDEN wireless system allows for a fast setup and removal, it is perfect for quick meetings with limited time for AV setup”. 

Implementing teleconferencing is also made easy with the new technology in place: the TAIDEN Main Unit has all needed outputs and inputs to connect directly to a telephone hybrid. In this way, the far-end will arrive directly to the built-in speakers. The only operations the technical personnel will need to handle are charging the microphones’ batteries and transporting the equipment in the special carrying case when off-site meetings are taking place. Overall, the installation was configured for minimal intervention and to be aesthetically pleasing to the client.


Custom-designed carrying cases were also provided making the equipment easily transportable for off-site meetings. Within the wide choice of transceivers, two ceiling-mounted were selected for the meeting room and a tripod-type transceiver as a portable solution. 

The digital IR wireless conferencing solution has been in use since January 2010 at Transat’s Montreal headquarters. Now achieving excellent speech intelligibility, participants claim their meetings are more productive and collaborative. The group also had the opportunity to test the system off-site and the transportation and set-up process went smoothly. Overall, investing in high-quality audio technology was a key decision for Transat A.T., and the pay-off was recognizable from their very first meeting because the effective presentation of ideas ultimately leads to better decisions.

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